Tulipshare: shareholder voting rights for activism

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tulipshare investment platform for activism

The Tulipshare platform empowers activists to demand positive change within large polluting companies.

When you buy shares in a company you become an investor, even if the share is as small as £1. Tulipshare is aggregating these investments and leveraging shareholder voting rights to campaign for positive changes within major corporations.

Tulipshare launched in July 2021 in the UK, with €800,000 in pre-seed funding. Currently, it has three active campaigns: Apple, Amazon, and Coca-Cola.

For Apple the campaign demands that products are allowed to be repaired by independent and third-party technicians without any restrictions.

For Coca-Cola the campaign demands the company to increase its recycled plastic target from 50% to 100% by 2030.

For Amazon the campaign demands fair and safe working environments for Amazon warehouse workers.

“Corporations don’t always conduct business ethically. But you may not have the power to make big changes by yourself. Now for the first time, you can invest your money to build wealth and promote ethical change.”—Tulipshare

How Tulipshare works:


1. Invest in projects that align with your values

You invest in company stocks and Tulipshare leverages your shareholder rights to make the world a better place. Unify your investing power with other Tulipshare investors and make your voice heard by big business – finally.

2. Start investing with just £1

Own a piece of the companies that shape our world and make an impact even with fractional shares, starting with as little as £1.

3. Invest with a clear conscience while Tulipshare advocates on your behalf

Tulipshare is not for day traders or swing traders. Lasting change occurs from ongoing efforts and substantial resources. Long-term investments help us reach our common goal to achieve success in our projects – and increase our chances of success for change.

4. Track your Tulipshare performance

Follow the performance of your investments and find regular updates regarding the projects you care about. Tulipshare posts regularly about the milestones reached.

How do they reach voting rights?

Tulipshare aggregates all of its investors’ shares, and collectively will be able to have voting rights within the company on behalf of the investors.

“If you ask most boards and exec teams today why they’re not changing something for ESG purposes, they will tell you ‘because shareholders don’t want it’ So the first time we’re going to have a group of shareholders that are going to actually push it”—Antoine Argouges, CEO

Sources: Tulipshare


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