We exist to nurture nature, to find and share stories of humans living with reverence for the land, the plants and the many living beings that we exist with.

We started eco-nnect in 2017 with the belief that living sustainably could be a tangible reality rather than a far away utopia. We felt that through sharing stories we could raise awareness and transmit knowledge of the environmental sector, both the issues related to the climate crisis and the solutions that were being developed to mitigate it.

We share stories of humans living with reverence for land, as well as the stories of organizations and governments actively destroying natural environments. We feel a responsibility to celebrate and to challenge, to honor the diversity of human experience by reflecting the stories that reflect the diverse relationships of the diverse ecosystems we live with.

If you know or hear a story you feel we should platform, please contact us: 


We believe stories are lived before they are told, so we work with individuals, communities, organizations and governments to develop stories that nurture nature, through projects that support our global society’s transition toward an environmentally and socially just existence.

Our diverse experience – including grassroots activism, storytelling and journalism, content creation, political engagement and impact investing –  supports us to understand the distinct problems that limit individual, organizational and governmental capacity to achieve social and environmental wellbeing. The climate has changed and so must we. 

We have worked as communication and supply chain strategists, social media advisors, organizational collaborators and storytellers to create, evolve, document and platform the many projects we have focused on. 

So if there is a change you’re struggling to make or a story you want to tell, just reach out, we’re here to listen.