The 7 game-changing green innovations of the decade

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This decade has seen incredible innovations that have revolutionizing potential.

From mitigating arctic melting to absorbing green house gases to changing our definition of fish. Meet the companies changing the 21st century.

  1. WEDEW – Architect Hertz makes water from thin air

    • The project by California based architect transforms air into water. How? Through a technology that mimics cloud’s condensation abilities.
    • To power the tech Hertz uses biofuel, as the containers are aimed for remote areas. For now WEDEW is carbon-negative, with future models aimed at greener power sources.
    • Why we love it: In a future where many cities will face water-scarcity we need technologies like these to succeed.
  2. Electreon: EV charging roads

    • The main reason people won’t change to electric vehicles: the amount of time it takes to recharge their batteries. Welcome EV charging roads: simply driving on to inductive pads that will start charging your vehicle’s batteries.
    • How? It uses a technology similar to that of wireless phone pads.
    • The first EV highway was inaugurated in Sweden in 2019.
    • Why we love it: It can ease the transition to electric transport. If costs are lowered, soon there will be no excuse to going E.
  3. String Bio: “Micro-brewing” methane into protein

    • Meet the startup turning methane into protein. Its first product? Organic protein supplements for fish and poultry feed. Currently feed is supplied by soy meal and fishmeal —the former driving deforestation and the latter overfishing.
    • How? String Bio uses well trained bacteria that convert the carbon in the gas into proteins. The method is similar to fermentation.
    • The result product will be known as “micro-brewed” protein.
    • Why we love it: Bacteria to the rescue!
  4. HES Element One: a hybrid of hydrogen-electric powered planes

    • Meet the zero-emissions aircraft. It merges HES’ ultra-light hydrogen fuel cell technologies with a distributed electric aircraft propulsion design. Hydrogen-electric power could shape the future of aviation.
    • Why we love it: we love to travel, and doing it guilt free will be game-changing.
  5. ice911 – The beads that can buy us time whilst preserving wildlife

    • ice911 is using silica micro-beads (silica is a type of sand made of quartz rock and is safe for animals, ecosystems and aquatic life) to slow down arctic melt.
    • How? When silica is spread over young ice it can act as a reflective shield against the sun, they’re buoyant so they can be strategically placed in areas prone to the albedo effect.
    • Why we love it: the Arctic is melting faster than anyone predicted, with temperatures rising at unprecedented rates. Threats such as seawater rise and warming temperatures are getting too close for comfort, we need innovations like these to buy us more time.
  6. Finless foods: cultured seafood

    • Finless Foods is a food startup producing seafood by harnessing cellular biology. In comparison to other food trends such as impossible foods, Finless Foods is not vegan nor is it “lab food”. It is real fresh fish meat.
    • Why we love it: Cultured meats and seafood will revolutionize the food industry’s footprint: alleviating deforestation and overfishing.
  7. Evoware: the edible plastic packaging

    • Evoware is based in Indonesia and is made from algae. The beauty of this plastic alternative is that it’s SO biodegradeable you can eat it. If not you can also dissolve it in water.
    • Why we love it: Most bio-plastics are frauds, they will only decompose at extremely high temperatures (over 100C), so in nature they will still pollute and take 1000 of years to disappear. Evoware is so clean that its edible, what more evidence do you need?

innovations that have revolutionizing potential


innovations that have revolutionizing potential

innovations that have revolutionizing potential

Silica beads used for ice911 project in the Arctic

innovations that have revolutionizing potential

Truck using electric highway charging in Gotland, Sweden

innovations that have revolutionizing potentialFinless Foods cultured fish cakes served in November of 2019


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