The 7 most essential essential oils and their uses

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Essential oils have been used for medical and cosmetic purposes since Ancient Egypt in 3,500 BC. The Egyptians cultivated their plants and herbs to mix them with oils for health and beauty purposes. Back then the oil came from animal fat. With the years and advances in technology, the oil extraction on almonds, nuts, and plants has allowed a more ethical alternative to animal fat.

The success of the Egyptians’ medicinal practices traveled to Ancient Greece in which the famous holistic physician: Hippocrates, firmly believed in essential oils’ healing powers. Later, the Roman Empire adopted a similar aromatic experience through spa-like activities, such as relaxing baths that soothe the skin and promote hygiene.

These are some of the most important and accessible essential oils with a brief explanation of their healing and cosmetic properties:

lavender essential essential

1. Lavender

We all know the beautiful fields of lavender. But did you know that it promotes consciousness, health, love, peace and wellbeing? As well as having anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antidepressant and antifungal properties? One of the top healing essential oils. It has so many uses you can’t live without it.

1. Anti-stress & Improved Sleep: Diffuse in air to reduce stress and anxiety and or/ at night to improve sleep quality.

2. Scarring: place two drops on a healed wound for it to scar faster and smoother.

3. Ticks: use lavender on a tick wound, aplpy 1 drop every 5 minutes for 30 minutes

essential essential Frankincense

2. Frankincense

Frankincense might be the oldest essential oil in our list. It has been used in perfumes and incense sticks that produce grounding vibes.

The aroma is best scented in meditation practices, such as yoga or diffusing it in the comfort of your home to bring calm to the atmosphere. It also holds hydrating properties that are used to benefit body care.

1. Meditating: diffuse it in your favorite diffuser or rub it with your hands and add it to your forehead.

2. Relieves joint pain: add a few drops of frankincense oil on your joints and feel the relief.

3. Oral health: add a few drops to your toothpaste or directly to your gums, and it will help you fight gum disease and maintain oral health.

Frankincense might be the oldest essential oil in our list

3. Peppermint

For a boost in your attitude and energetic field, try to use some drops of this mentholic aroma that will uplift your soul.

Peppermint has several healing properties, including treating nausea, common colds, and headaches. It also boosts your digestion and calms itching and muscle pain.

1. To speed up digestion: add three drops of peppermint essential oil into boiling water and drink it.

2. Relief headaches: add a few drops to your forehead, between your ears, and rub it into your hands and take deep breaths.

3. Refreshment after a long day: diffuse some drops of the essential oil into a diffuser and enjoy the calming effect.


4. Eucalyptus

The clarifying aroma of eucalyptus can’t get more relaxing and soothing.

Its properties allow it to silence a cough and clear your chest from unwanted mucus. Eucalyptus can be so pure that it can be used to disinfect wounds and ease joint pain. And if you live in tropical areas, its aroma scares mosquitoes away!


1. Treating a cold: add eucalyptus to your diffuser and feel your stuffy nose get a breath of fresh air.

2. Relaxation: add a few drops to your hot bath and enjoy the calming effects.

3. Bug repellent: add eucalyptus oil to a spray diffuser with water and spray yourself to avoid any mosquito bites.

melaleuca essential oil

5. Tea tree (Melaleuca)

If you didn’t know about this sacred pimple-miracle-vanisher, then you need to add this to your skin care routine!!! Its properties heal acne, psoriasis, and a dry-itchy scalp.

You can mix this with home-made face masks or add it to your toner. Its aroma makes you feel like you are walking through a dry and frosty forest.

1. Acne: add tea tree oil to a clay face mask and watch the vanishing results.

2. Hair lice: mix tea tree oil with your shampoo and conditioner

3. Hand sanitizer: if you run out of your supermarket sanitizer, use a few drops along with sunscreen to disinfect your hands.

lemon essential oil

6. Lemon

The citrus properties of lemon have can tackle depression and anxiety. Its aroma makes you feel energized and can ease morning sickness for our pregnant ladies.

It is also used to treat acne, fungi, and heal wounds.

1. Anxiety and depression reduction: right after waking up add drops to your diffuser and meditate with the aroma.

2. Fungi treatment: add drops to the affected area and watch them ease.

3. Energy Uplifter: add a few drops to your water and keep the energy coming.

rosemary essential oil

7. Rosemary

A big favorite in the kitchen and in the working space! Rosemary has focusing properties that allow you to stay in your best working mood. It purifies the air and it may improve your brain function.

It also stimulates hair growth and makes it stronger to avoid hair loss.

Rosemary has been used in several clinical trials to fight cancer cells and tackle food poisoning.

1. Studying: add drops of rosemary oil in your diffuser and in your forehead for deep focus.

2. Hair growth: add rosemary to any hair product to strengthen your hair.

3. Increase circulation: add drops to the places where circulation is being retained.

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This is just a short list of the many essential oils we can find in nature and some of their healing powers, keep in mind this journey is about intuition and research. Go ahead and try to introspect what you want to heal in your life, and see which herb can help you embark on a natural path. 


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