How Many Times Have You Slept Outside? The 8 Health Benefits of Camping

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But really…how many times in the last 10 years did you sleep outside?

How many times did you really camp out in the wilderness? Far out where your phone signal doesn’t reach. To a place where your view is one of untouched vast nature that engulfs your every sense?

How many times have you taken one or two days to just be? To truly take each step to arrive to the middle of nowhere? Enjoying every leisurely thought whilst basking in nature’s tranquility.

Our stress-driven office lives force us out of these natural environments and instead have drawn us indoors. Are we really living for these sterile comforts? If you think back to times of pure joy, are those indoor? During this pandemic where did your mind crave to be? Out, out out, it pleaded. There’s an intangible quality to being surrounded by nature, just ask any diver, hiker, camper, or ask yourself.

So here are the 8 benefits of sleeping outside. It’s time to leave your comfort zone and pick up a tent instead.

  1. Peace and quiet
    • Nature is the reboot our mind needs from our daily problems.
  2. A healthy lifestyle
    • Setting up camp takes effort. Hiking, swimming and biking also. Your weekend away will make every bit of that indulgent bite of chocolate more worth it.
  3. Reduced stress
    • Focus on the small things in life, leave the worries behind back in the overly stimulating cities.
  4. Improved memory
    • Being surrounded in nature increases serotonin levels, which in turn improves cognitive functions.
  5. Increased problem-solving skills
    • Every been in the middle of nowhere during a windy night and no extra blanket?
  6. Better sleep
    • Have you heard of those apps that play natural noises to help you fall asleep? Well, here’s the real thing
  7. Vitamin D boost
    • Being outside is literally what our body needs. Indoors we simply can’t get enough vitamin D
  8. Eco-philosophising
    • Enjoy nature, take in its every detail and appreciate your part in the great cycle of life.

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