Seaspiracy, the many takeaways: A must watch

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Seaspiracy, the mindblowing Netflix documentary that unearthed the inhumane reality of the fishing industry.
The bottom line, if you love the oceans and the planet (or yourself) decrease your fish consumption, or stop it completely.

The Seaspiracy Effect: 6 health benefits of a fishless diet

Here a list of the most insane revelations we learnt from watching it:

  • Microplastics in the ocean outnumber the stars in the galaxy by 500 times
  • Phytoplankton absorb 4x more co2 than the amazon rainforest
  • A garbage truck of plastic is dumped into the sea every minute
  • Mitsubishi controls 40% of the bluefin tuna trade
  • 99% of scalloped hammerhead sharks have died
  • Most sharks are killed by bycatch, over 50 million sharks per year
  • Bycatch isn’t accidental
  • Marine Stwardship Council’s sustainable seafood is a fraud so is a “dolphin safe” label by Earth Island Institute
  • 10,000 dolphins being killed in France from bycatch every year
  • 46% of the great pacific garbage patch are fishing nets
  • Plastic pollution campaigners purposely ignore accusing the fishing industry…
  • Longline fishing nets can wrap around the planet 500x every day
  • 6/7 of sea turtle species are endangered due to commercial fishing
  • Plastic straws only account for 0.03% of plastic in the ocean
  • The biggest issue facing the ocean is the fishing industry
  • The fishing industry in the gulf of mexico destroyed more animals in a day than the deep water horizon spill did in 3 months
  • Fishing boats are technological death machines
  • Fish are vital to keep corals alive
  • Halibut is less than 1,000 times as abundant as it was in 1830
  • 5 million fish are killed every minute
  • Oceans are absorbing all the earth’s excess heat, thanks to fish
  • This is because fish sequester carbon
  • Ocean is the biggest carbon sink on the planet
  • Kelp forests store x20 more carbon than land forests
  • 93% of CO2 is stored in the ocean
  • Trawl nets are so large that they can swallow whole cathedrals or 13 jumbo jets
  • Bottom trawling wipes out 3.9 billion acres every year = 4,316 soccer fields every minute 
  • No marine protected areas ban fishing
  • Sustainable seafood doesn’t exist…
  • Big environmental NGOs are worried to go against “meat/fish eating” because they could lose supporters
  • There is no universal definition for “sustainable” fish
  • Unilever is a big funder of the Marine Stewardship Council
  • 80% of MSC income comes from licensing “sustainable seafood” labels
  • Fisheries are behind murderous crimes..
  • Your tax money is subsidizing the fish industry
  • Globally $35 billion dollars subsidize the fishing industry
  • EU fishing fleets are destroying small fishing economies in West Africa
  • 360,000 workers in fisheries have died in 15 years
  • Decreased fish stocks causing ebola outbreaks in West Africa
  • Fish farming needs fish feed from wild fisheries..thus it’s also unsustainable
  • 50% of seafood is coming from fish farming
  • Scottish salmon farming all together produces organic waste the equivalent of the entire population of Scotland each year
  • 38% of world mangroves have been destroyed from shrimp farming
  • Blood shrimp: Thailand shrimp industry involves fishing slaves

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