4 vegan seafood companies disrupting the food industry

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They say 2021’s alt-protein trends will focus on replacing seafood. Here 3 start-ups to keep an eye out for. The seaweed economy is here to stay.

Did you know that all the healthy properties of fish oil (omeg 3 fatty acids) actually originate from algae?

Deep Sea Mining: what is it and why should we care?

vegan tuna alternative good catch foods

1. Good Catch Foods

This natural alternative to canned tuna and fish cakes is off the hook. UK-based Good Catch Foods recently secured a 26M round of investments with a promise to never use “gobbeldyguck” and stick to its simple legume and algae recipe.

We can’t wait to try it!

new wave food plant-based shrimp

2. New Wave Foods

Shrimp. Every year Americans consume 1.4 billion pounds of shrimp. Enter its vegan alternative—the New Wave Shrimp, it cooks and tastes just like the real thing.

American meat/good giant Tysons Foods, recently invested in SF based startup New Wave Foods.


3. Ocean Hugger Foods

The disrupting company replacing tuna and unagi sushi with vegetable counterparts. Tuna: a mix of tomatoes, sesame oil and soy souce. Unagi: a mix of eggplant, konjac powder, and algae oil.

Yes. So thankful that someone is onto vegan sushi!


4. Cavi Art

The Danish company crafting plant-based caviar and roe from seaweed.

They’re skillfully replacing roe in sushi restaurants, caviar canapées and even food art—caviar pearls of lemon or vinegar, that spruce up any dish!

We’re in love with vegan caviar, good for the planet and our pockets.


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