Our top 10 eco-lodges in the world – our 2021 selection

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eco-friendly is becoming a marketing tactic. So here a list of lodges we feel are ACTUALLY doing their very best to have a minimal impact on their environment.

1. Maha Raja —Raja Ampat

These guys take “eco” to the next level. Explore the diving mecca on solar powered boats, enjoy delicious veggie meals and feel completely in sync with the ocean in your secluded island getaway.

Pro tip: book well in advance

EcoCamp Patagonia—Torres del Paine, Chile

2. EcoCamp Patagonia—Torres del Paine, Chile

A completely Geodesic dome hotel. Go from your dome room, to the yoga dome and then to the communal dome for breakfast before exploring the vast beauty of Patagonia’s wilderness.

Pro tip: take a yoga class

Eremito el Hotelito del Alma —Umbria, Italy

3. Eremito el Hotelito del Alma —Umbria, Italy

Nestled in the rustic hills of Umbria lies a hidden gem. No phone service, no wifi, just an converted monastery turned into a basic luxury getaway.

Wake up to yoga and meditation, make your way to the nearby natural plunge pool, enjoy healthy vegetarian menus and relax into silent dinners.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to star gaze.

Basata - South Sinai, Egypt

4. Basata – South Sinai, Egypt

Wonderful lodge on the red sea. Minimal sustainable design paired with delicious vegetarian Egyptian food. Sign us up!

pro tip: stay in their bamboo hut

NamKhan - Luang Prabang, Laos

5. NamKhan – Luang Prabang, Laos

The Laotian culture understands nature and its energy. NamKhan celebrates this vital connection.

Perched by the banks of the NamKhan river in Asia’s most charming town, discover an organic farm, natural pools, river activities and more.

Pro tip: book the explorer tent

Kolarbyn - Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

6. Kolarbyn – Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

Literally sleep in a moss covered natural hut. Expect no electricity, no showers, just you, and the forest.

Pro tip: find the sauna

sardinna antiga eco lodge sustianable

7. Sardinna Antiga, Sardinia Italy

In the wilder area of Sardinia discover unspoiled countryside and an ecovillage that has transformed shepherd’s hut into beautiful bedrooms. Treating you with delicious organic foods.

pro tip: buy their homemade essential oils

Bwindi Lodge - Bwindi National Park, Uganda

8. Bwindi Lodge – Bwindi National Park, Uganda

No better way to explore Uganda’s untouched nature. Known as the “impenetrable forest” take a literal walk on the wild side and go gorilla tracking.

Pro tip: Drink some fresh fresh tea

Kigelia Ruaha Camp - Ruaha, Tanzania

9. Kigelia Ruaha Camp – Ruaha, Tanzania

A miniature encampment in the landscape of giants. Experience the ultimate safari, spot the great mammals of Africa from your minimal impact camp.

The hotel supports local schools and clinics with basic educational and medical supplies.

Pro tip: ask them about fly camping.

tambopata eco lodge amazon rainforest peru

10. Tambopata – Amazon Rainforest, Peru

Tambopata takes conservation to the next level. The hotel revenue enables them to widen their private natural reserve to protect wildlife and biodiversity.

Pro tip: take a canoe trip down the river


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