The World’s 10 Coolest Halloween Costume Rentals

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The Halloween Costume Rentals revolution is here

to make this spooky season sustainable and scary!

Here our list of the top 10 halloween rental costume stores.

Halloween Costume Rentals

London Halloween Costume Rentals

New York

Milan Halloween Costume Rentals

    • Lo Bosco

      Lo Bosco is a classic spot in Italy for costume rentals, you can find anything in their big stock of costumes.


    • Calabuch Costumes

      This authentic Madrileño spot is famous for its theatrical props and costumes that will make the people around you turn their heads to your majestic Halloween costume.

Paris Halloween Costume Rentals

    • Somier

      Here you can find everything from props to medieval costumes. Go get lost in their amazing halls filled with fantasy and fun!


    • Snog the Frog

      This colorful and funny store holds the biggest Halloween Costume collection! Enjoy yourself in this funky adventure!

Mexico City Halloween Costume Rentals

    • Renta Disfraces

      In this store, you can find all themes ranging from all ages, sizes, and qualities. Find yourself the perfect outfit for the spooky holiday!

Los Angeles

    • Adele’s Rental Costumes

      Here you can find a wide variety of Halloween costumes online, so when you get to the store you already have an idea of what you can expect.


    • Wild Berlin

      This store has a wide variety of costumes as well as matching shoes!!

Buenos Aires

    • Todo Disfraz

      Rent your Halloween costume in this chic store and enjoy the dress-up!

Halloween Costume Rentals


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