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What is C-Level?C-Level is a UK based organization founded in 2000. Today they are global leaders in Carbon Offsetting/Carbon Balancing: helping businesses align with natural systems to reduce global carbon emissions.

Why C-Level?C-level are pioneers and leaders in the world of Carbon Balancing—a deeper, more aligned form of Carbon Offsetting that works with both ecosystems and communities to bring CO2 down. Every C-Level project focuses on a holistic approach: “each offsetting project must be creating something of value in the world that did not exist before.” C-Level bring two decades worth of experience in carbon balancing. We trust that their projects will continue to thrive and grow.Which C-Level projects will eco-nnect support to off-set your carbon footprint?Your monthly contributions will directly support CommuniTree in Nicaragua and Hadza Hunter Gatherers in Tanzania. Two different projects with one big aim: to protect acres of forests.



CommuniTree partners with small-scale farming families in Nicaragua to reforest previously under-used land. Every project is designed by the farmers who grow the trees to ensure they get more value from reforesting their land than deforesting it. This approach combined with CommuniTree’s unique technology means every farm reforested stays reforested. They bring together satellite imagery and on the ground reporting with predictive algorithms for unparalleled transparency and confidence in their projects’ environmental and social impacts.

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Hadza Hunter Gatherers

Working with the Hadza, one of Africa’s last hunter gatherer communities for thousands of years, C-level’s partners Carbon Tanzania are reducing deforestation over some 32,000 hectares of forest in the Yaeda Valley. They have a unique language and culture and their forest home is currently under threat of deforestation from outsiders looking for new grazing pastures and from farmers clearing land for crop production. These forests provide food and shelter for the Hadza who are deeply connected to their land – without these ancient forests the Hadza’s culture and lifestyle would be lost forever. The project also includes Tatoga Pastoralists and brings these two ethnic groups together to secure land rights and act on deforestation.