Plastic Attack Manifesto

 Plastic Attack Tool Kit

This Plastic Free July we invite you to take back control from big corps obsession with plastic.


By engaging in a plastic attack.

What does it mean?

A plastic attack simply means that you go to your supermarket, do your normal grocery shopping, pay, and then unpack it, put it in your reusable containers, and leave the plastic wrapping for the supermarket chain to deal with.How to do a successful plastic attack:

  1. Do it in a group or alone on your next grocery trip

  2. Warn the supermarket staff that you will be engaging in an attack

  3. Bring reusable containers with you, unpack your food and repack it in your containers.

  4. Pay for your groceries.

  5. Leave the plastic garbage at the checkout counter.

  6. Scotch tape the plastic attack Manifesto at the exit before you leave

  7. Film/or take photos of the process

  8. share your attack on social media

  9. Challenge 5 friends to do the same! #plasticattack

Plastic Attack Manifesto:

To all giant food companies, supermarket chains and packaging corporations. I hereby refuse to recycle your trash. It’s high time you, as the producers of plastic pollution take responsibility for the environmental damage you’re imposing on our oceans, as well as the health issues you’re inflicting upon us. We are already eating a credit card worth of microplastics every week, human placentas now carry traces of microplastics, and plastic can be found in rain! Our seas could soon have more plastic than fish.I refuse to partake any longer in this needless destruction. Our tax money should not pay for recycling, the responsibility does not lie on us your CUSTOMERS, but on YOU, the PRODUCERS.This is why today I have engaged in a plastic attack. I encourage everyone to partake. To take back control of our health and that of our blue planet.Sincerely,