The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Holidays

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How to stay Green this Holiday Season

Ideally this Christmas gift someone with the immaterial in your life. It is a moment to be creative! Write a poem, organise an evening or weekend together or bake them a goodie. Experiences and valuable time will forge great memories that ultimately create stronger relationships, something objects will never replace. Examples include:

  • Concert tickets
  • Sport event tickets
  • Cooking/Dancing Classes
  • Massage/Spa day
  • Date Night Out
  • Opera/Symphony tickets

If concepts really don’t cover anything you are looking for encourage zero-waste presents or go to your closest vintage store! Thrift and vintage are the most eco-friendly garments you can buy. They also tend to be the most original, elegant, and affordable finds (Check out ThredUp)! Or perhaps try to knit something yourself instead (it’s both sustainable and thoughtful).

As a rule of thumb avoid fast fashion and objects that you know will simply add to clutter and stuff to someone’s life, instead aim for something useful and green.

If none of these options work for you here are our top 9 recommended brands, the ones doing everything in their power to make their supply chain green and transparent:

  1. Haeckles
  2. Organic Basics
  3. Inhala Soulwear
  4. Reformation
  5. Everlane
  6. ThredUp
  7. Outerknown
  8. Veja
  9. Doterra Essential Oils

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