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Join eco-nnect’s team


We are looking for eco-warriors with good writing skills who want to delve deeper into environmental topics and news.

What does this entail? Write 2-4 articles a week on different environmental topics, find intriguing sustainable research and write short summaries about the findings.


  • solid writing ability

  • passionate about the environment

  • curious to delve deeper into different subjects

Brand Ambassador

Our goal is to grow a community of like-minded individuals, where sustainable projects can be shared and ideas can develop.

We are looking for ambassadors determined to help an eco-community grow.

What does this entail? Represent eco-nnect: spread the word about the platform, get friends to subscribe to the newsletter/ to follow the social media accounts, find interesting partnerships for the platform.

Our Brand Ambassador network works as a sort of gamification, the more traction you attract to eco-nnect the higher the contribution for your work.


  • passionate about the environment

  • unafraid to speak up about the climate movement

  • curious to

Interested? Send us an email!