Human Impact: all you need to know

Not all human activity is bad for climate

Is global warming caused by humans? The answer is a loud yes. But not everything that we do damages the planet. Human activities that cause climate change may be summed up in one definition: the burning of fossil fuels. This specific activity has primarily increased the concentration of greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere. The human effect on climate change has become particularly obvious in the last 200 years, after the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. By burning fossil fuels and changing how we use the land, human activity has quickly become the leading cause of changes to our climate.

And it’s not just the combustion of fossil fuels

Deforestation, heavy urbanization and shifts in vegetation patterns are also altering the climate: the consequences of these human-driven changes modify the reflectivity of the Earth surface, emissions from burning forests and the natural water cycle. 

The solution is human

The primary cause of global climate change is human, so the solution resides within the human domain. The big challenge at the moment is that various sectors of the world population still debate whether this problem is true or not, despite scientific evidence.