Climate Change responsible for record-breaking hurricane season

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As if 2020 wasn’t turbulent enough, the cursed year has set historical records in the number of hurricanes, tropical storms, and typhoons. By November, 29 storms, 12 hurricanes, and 5 major hurricanes have hit North America and the Carribbean—causing 320 fatalities and innumerable infrastructure damages. The last time the US faced a similar hurricane season was in 2005.

Google Earth shows climate change happening in seconds with new feature Timelapse

Are intensifying hurricanes a prelude to the climate chaos that will descend upon us?


Climate Change responsible for record-breaking hurricane season

Here’s a list of all the hurricanes  and tropical storms that are affecting the world in the last year:


  • Hurricane Eta
  • Hurricane Zeta
  • Nangka
  • Norbert
  • Delta
  • Chan-hom
  • Tropical Storm Arthur
  • Tropical Storm Bertha
  • Tropical Storm Cristobal
  • Troìcal Storm Dolly
  • Tropical Storm Edouard
  • Tropical Storm Fay
  • Tropical Storm Gonzalo
  • Hurricane Hanna
  • Hurricane Isaias
  • Tropical Depression Ten
  • Tropical Storm Josephine
  • Tropical Storm Kyle
  • Hurricane Laura
  • Hurricane Marco
  • Tropical Storm Omar
  • Hurricane Nana
  • Hurricane Paulette
  • Tropical Storm Rene
  • Hurricane Sally
  • Hurricane Teddy
  • Tropical Storm Vicky
  • Tropical Storm Beta
  • Tropical Storm Wilfred
  • Subtropical Storm Alpha
  • Tropical Storm Gamma
  • Hurricane Epsilon

Social inequalities are highlighted during climate disasters. There is a stark unfairness in climate calamities: whilst big corporations and idle governments are largely responsible for the crises their CEOs/political leaders enjoy stable conditions, whilst the impoverished majority have to endure the consequences of an unstable climate.


Donate to the following organization that are helping send aid to the affected populations of the hurricane:






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